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Our Mission

To ignite the Light of Christ in the hearts of children every class strives…

  • To provide a specially prepared environment in which the children can come to know through their work, song, and prayer as they call in love with Our LORD.
  • To deepen the children’s understanding of the sacraments and traditions of the Catholic faith.
  • To make the mass come alive for children.
  • To bring children together as joyful members of the Catholic community. 
  • To aid parents in their children’s spiritual development.
  • To assist the children in developing their ability to work independently and become self- reliant.
  • In all we do, we aim to remain faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Our PRogram

The “Atrium” is a place of prayer, prepared especially for children to contemplate the life of Jesus and the Liturgy. It contains materials that are handcrafted models of articles used in the Church’s worship such as the altar, baptismal font, liturgical colors, etc.; and materials relating to the Scriptures such as the parables (i.e., the Good Shepherd, the Mustard Seed, etc), prophecies, geography of Israel and the life of Christ. Trained catechist using the materials, offers presentations chosen to communicate the essentials of our faith in a manner appropriate to the child’s development. The child is then invited to work with the materials themselves. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is offered in ninety-minute sessions in 3 levels for children 3 to 12 yrs.

Level I: Ages 3 to 6 years old
The Good Shepherd
Children are given individual/small group presentations with sensorial materials. Children are free to work independently in the learning environment, repeating their work with the lessons they’ve been given. They meet as a group at the prayer table for prayer and song at the end of class. Level I works through a three- year cycle of lessons.

Level II: Ages 6 to 9 years old
: The True Vine Children are given presentations individually or in small groups. They are encouraged to work independently or in small groups to explore each lesson on a deeper level. Lessons are followed up by work in the prayer journal. Each week two, or three children work together to plan and lead a prayer service for the group. Level II works through a three- year cycle.

Level III: Ages 9 – 12 years old
My place in the History of the Kingdom of God Children receive presentations in groups and then do extensive work to go further into the lesson. Prayer journals allow for quiet reflection on the lesson. Practical life work enhances the children’s ability to contemplate as they work. Prayer services are conducted completely by the children. Level III works through a three- year cycle of lessons.