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About Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at St. Maria Goretti

“The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch, but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ.”

-St. John Paull II in his Apostolic Exhortation on Catechesis in Our Time

Through the use of sensorial materials, the Level I presentations encourage a sense of wonder in the child, a deep love for Jesus as the Good Shepherd, the Scriptures, and the sacramental life of the Church community.  Some of these materials include:  infancy narratives figures, a raised surface map of the Land of Israel, a model altar and a model baptismal font.  This concrete method of presenting the faith is similar to the way the Church teaches us through the sacraments, holy water, incense, and statues.  The children also spend time with Practical Life materials like washing, scooping and pouring exercises.  These exercises help develop small motor skills, concentration, and their love of work.  This eventually leads to contemplation.

In Level II, the focus is on sacrament preparation and the beginning of moral formation.  In Level III as the children grow older, the lessons deepen as they consider what their role is in the history of the kingdom of God.  The children continue to wonder as they go back into Jewish history to see where Jesus came from, and how our Christian faith was developed from the Jewish faith…and all the gifts that Jesus left with us.

After their presentations, the children are given time to work on their own, contemplating what they learned while they work with their hands or enter into prayer.  The day ends with a group prayer service.

Our Catechists & Assistants

Linda Hudak, Program Director – Level I, II, and III

Dottie Blanche, Lead Catechist – Level I, II, and III

Sara Ertel – Level I

Carol Gill – Level I

Michelle Smith – Level I

Riley Smith – Level I

Luke Ertel – Level I

Debbie Boardman – Assistant

Julie Dippolito – Assistant

Peg Hoffner – Assistant

Ana Mariscal – Assistant

Catherine Murray – Assistant

Alina Reynolds – Assistant

Fran Schaeffer – Assistant

Louise Hotte – Assistant

Kathleen Weller – Assistant

Cheryl Yoder – Assistant

The Atrium at St. Maria Goretti Board Members (In the planning phase)

The Atrium has plans to create an Advisory Board. The thoughts are to meet several times a year to discuss the wellbeing of the Atrium. Hopes to have a lively group with a variety of perspectives. If people would have concerns, questions, or ideas, they would be able to reach out to a Board Member at any time.