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Saint Maria Goretti Parish Rental Policy

To inquire about renting Drexel Hall, please contact the Saint Maria Goretti Parish Administrative Assistant, Elizabeth Cyron via email at Rentals are accepted no more than 3 months in advance. Rentals inquiries will open on the 1st of the month (eg. all December rentals will open for booking on September 1).

The following Rental Policy contains important information regarding the use of Drexel Hall located in the education center building.  It is imperative that you read and review the items listed. Please note that the Rental will be considered NULL and VOID if the application for Drexel Hall rental is not completed and returned within two weeks of the application date, unless otherwise agreed to by the Rental Committee.  The application date is the date the application is mailed or otherwise provided to the applicant.  If you have any questions regarding the policy and its guidelines please contact Elizabeth Cyron.

  1. Application – SMG Drexel Hall applications may be obtained by emailing Elizabeth Cyron (see above). All rentals for any parishioner, non parishioner or Church organization requires an application. No rental shall be considered or date held until a completed and executed application is submitted  with the appropriate fees (including the necessary security deposit).  All rentals are subject to the approval of the Rental Committee.
  2. Time – Each rental event shall be for a period of four (4) hours. The rental also includes one hour prior to event to set up and one hour after to cleanup. The rental fee is $550.00.  There is an additional $100.00 cost for use of the Bingo equipment.
  3. Capacity – The maximum capacity of SMG Drexel Hall shall be no more than 200 people seated for meetings or conferences.
  4. Set-Up – the event set-up may begin 1 hour prior to the event. If there is no preceding event, set up may begin earlier at the Rental committee discretion.
  5. Decorations – Decorations shall be limited to tables only. No wall or ceiling decorations shall be allowed.
  6. Smoking Policy – This facility is a NO SMOKING facility, including the building, parking lot, and property, and will be enforced.
  7. Damages – any damages that occur to the facility that are a direct result of your rental party will be deducted from the security deposit. If the damages amount to more than the security deposit, the applicant will be responsible for all costs to repair the damage to SMG Drexel Hall to its original condition.
  8. SMG Drexel Hall Clean-up – The renting party is responsible for cleaning the rental area, making sure all rubbish get deposited into the proper trash dumpster.
  9. Kitchen Clean-up – The renting party is responsible for the cleanup of kitchen area. Counter tops should be washed, microwaves and other appliances should be cleaned, bathrooms cleaned. Floors should be swept; trash should be placed in the proper outside dumpster, coffee urns should be washed, clean sinks and surrounding area.  Do not leave excess food, condiments or leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer without approval of the Rental Committee.  PLEASE CHECK OFF RENTAL HALL CHECK LIST.
  10. Cooking – only the preparation of cold foods and warm up of precooked hot foods will be allowed.
  11. Kitchen Usage – in kitchen area the rental party/caterer may use the following: coffee pots, coffee urns, refrigerator, freezer and microwave (for warm up only).
  12. Alcoholic Beverage Policy – Saint Maria Goretti Parish does not promote, nor supply the apparatus for consumption of alcoholic beverages. If a rental party wishes to serve alcoholic beverages, they must do so in a responsible manner and adhere to the alcohol consumption laws of Pennsylvania.

If you need more information or would like to rent
Drexel Hall please contact Elizabeth Cyron at