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Saint Maria Goretti Parish Has New Hymnals on the Horizon!

This is an exciting time at SMG! After weeks of careful research, our Liturgy Committee has selected a new hymnal for our parish. Offering new songs as well as old favorites, the Oregon Catholic Press Glory & Praise hymnal will be a very good fit for our parish. It takes significant financial commitment to provide these resources. You can help to defray the cost of the new hymnals by sponsoring one or more with a donation of $25 per hymnal. Each sponsored hymnal will contain a label that reads, “Given as a gift by ______in the name of ______.” or “In memory of ______ given by ______.” Please consider taking this opportunity to honor loved ones or to commemorate a special event such as an anniversary, birthday…! Please feel free to drop your donation along with who you would like to commemorate in the collection basket, at the parish center or by mail. Our current paperback hymnals are replaced annually. New hardbound hymnals will last for many years to come and ultimately save the parish money! Thank you for your consideration and support of this project for our parish! Click on the link below to print the hymnal reservation form.



In order to assist Catholics as they prepare to vote with formed consciences, the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference has produced a Presidential Candidate Comparison document and a State Legislative Voters Guide. These documents seek to educate the faithful about candidates and their positions on issues of importance to Catholic voters.

Click on the link below for Voter Information
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Voter Guide


Buying a food truck: Tips, insight and what to know beforehand | Food Truck Operator

With much thought and serious consideration we regretfully announce the cancellation of the 2020 Gorettifest due to concerns for the safety of our Parishioners, vendors, musicians and the amount of visitors to our campus for this event. We feel this decision is in the best interest of everyone involved because of the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place at this time and that it is questionable if this event could take place this September and certainly not to the degree that we have all come to know and expect. We hope to do a Cinco de Mayo themed Gorettifest on Friday, May 7, 2021. More details on this new event and how you can help make it a fun and successful event for our Parish community will be announced after the Labor Day holiday. In the meantime stay well and stay safe.




School families at Parish and Regional Elementary Schools and Archdiocesan High Schools previously received detailed plans for the safe reopening of school in the fall. Those plans are outlined in digest format below.

Senior administrators from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office of Catholic Education have worked in conjunction with various partners over the past several months to develop plans for the safe re-opening of school on time in September. This critical work was accomplished through dedicated task forces focused on the unique educational, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of students and school families in elementary and secondary schools as well as schools of special education throughout the five-county region.

Maintaining the health and safety of students, faculty, administrators, and staff while providing a continued high-quality Catholic education were the principles guiding this work. As such, the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education were central to Archdiocesan planning for the coming academic year.

The plans that were ultimately developed have a strong structural framework that seeks to provide the maximum educational experience for students. Key differences among the plans allow for best practices of meeting the needs of students who represent a broad range of physical, emotional, and intellectual growth within the Pre-K-12 spectrum.

In addition, flexibility is a hallmark of the reopening plan with two factors in mind. First, the Archdiocese recognizes that students and families in its school communities may face a host of health concerns as well as general anxiety regarding the potential for the spread of COVID-19. As such, virtual and other distance learning options are available at most schools for any family that feels uncomfortable sending their children to school for in-person instruction. Second, the Archdiocese has recognized the essential need to be nimble in the face of the ever-evolving pandemic landscape. Developments will be constantly evaluated and plans adjusted accordingly. We have the capacity and are prepared to provide a virtual learning environment to the greatest extent possible if necessary.


Parish and Regional Elementary Schools

The parish and regional elementary schools plan Catholic Schools Onward: Best Practices and New Opportunities as We Move Forward outlines the foundational premises that the plan is built upon.  Andrew M. McLaughlin, Ed.D., Secretary for Elementary Education for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia shared in a recent letter to school families, “The plan is based on several key principles, cohorting – students remain with the same classmates throughout the day, social distancing, strategic use of masks, enhanced cleaning, a modified attendance policy, situational virtual learning, and an enhanced partnership with parents.” The full plan for parish and regional elementary schools can be found here.


Archdiocesan High Schools

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia high schools’ document Catholic High Schools Compass: Continuing Excellence in Catholic Education provides detailed information on their plan. In a join introduction letter accompanying the plan, Sister Maureen Lawrence McDermott, I.H.M. Ph.D., Superintendent for Secondary Schools for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Irene Horstmann Hannan, Chief Executive Officer of Father in the Future Foundation said, “The document outlines the key components of our plan….like the four points of a compass, [the plan] is firmly grounded in directional principles: safety, academic excellence, technology, and faith formation.” The full plan can be found here.


Outlined below are some of the key highlights of the plans developed for the respective divisions with the Office of Catholic Education. It is important to note that differences allow for the distinct educational and physical needs of the various student groups based on best practices.


Parish and Regional Elementary Schools:

  • In-person Instruction Model: This model has a greater impact at the elementary level as it allows time for students to develop spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically based on their levels of growth and maturity.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): When a physical presence in the classroom is not possible, a LMS will be provided to centralize materials, lessons, instruction, assessments, feedback, and communication.
  • Social Distancing: As it relates to the classroom set-up; desks should be placed the appropriate distance from the center of each desk to the center of the next desk.
  • Home-Based Temperature Screening: Parents/Guardians to take temperatures and assess for COVID-19 symptoms of child before they leave home.

Archdiocesan High Schools: 

  • Hybrid Instruction Model:  Reduced class sizes using a hybrid A/B instruction plan that allows for half of the total number of students to be physically present each day.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Utilizing Schoology:  This learning platform complete with Zoom capacity allows for seamless integration with platforms already in use. Cameras will be in classrooms so that students receiving instruction may do so in real-time and for a full day.
  • Social Distancing: As it relates to the classroom desks will be spaced at the appropriate distance.  Social distancing will also be observed at lunch, in hallways, and all other aspects of the school environment.
  • Temperature Screening at Home and School: Students should screen themselves for symptoms and temperatures before leaving for school each day.

Archdiocesan Schools of Special Education: 

  • Learning Model: Five days per week in person instruction. Students will remain within their specific cohort; each group of students stay together for in person instruction and for lunch.  Teachers rotate in and out of the rooms rather than the students.  Art, gym, and music teachers will use this routine.
  • PPE:  Sneeze guards will be set up on each student’s desk, face masks/face shields will be worn in shared areas of the building.  Classrooms will be equipped with a no touch thermometer, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, face masks, face shields, and gloves.
  • Social Distancing:  Students will not share materials or food.  Water fountains will no longer be available.Students will remain in classrooms most of their day as a cohort.  Students will travel only with their cohort and utilize other areas of the school such as bathrooms, computer labs, and gymnasium.
  • Temperature Checks: Parents take temperature before the student leaves home.  Thermometers will be available within the classrooms.

The Office of Catholic Education is steadfast in their promise to keep school families informed and to remain in dialogue with them.  A dedicated point of contact where parents and guardians can share questions is available. Messages can be sent to covid19@archphila-oce…..

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Eucharistic Congress Letter

Thank you for journeying with us throughout Lent! Given the realities of COVID-19 and that communities are unable to physically collect CRS Rice Bowls, you can submit your CRS Rice Bowl gift online at:




There is so much need for food donations. There is a church in Souderton that is giving out bags of food every day for a couple of hours each day.  SMG has given them the bags that were in our narthex last month and they were so grateful.  If you are able to continue to make food donations please drop them off in the narthex and we will be sure to get it to the church in Souderton for distribution.


Due to the corona virus, we are anticipating an influx of calls from neighbors in need of help.  We are continuing our mission of helping the poor in whatever way we can.  Since our Lenten functions have been curtailed, there is one Lenten observance that we can participate in which is alms giving.  It might help us all feel that we are doing something to help others in need.  If you are able to donate to SVdP at this time, checks can be made out to SVdP/SMG and mailed to our parish at 1601 Derstine Rd, Hatfield, Pa 19440. Thank you for your consideration and may God bless us all and keep us healthy and safe.  Thank you, Edie Hardnock


Hatfield To Hollywood | Filmmaker makes
“40 The Temptation of Christ” (2019)

Former student and parishioner of SMG, Douglas James Vail produced the above film. He is 35 years old now living Los Angeles CA. He grew up in Hatfield. St. Maria Goretti was his home parish. Douglas attended elementary school here, before it closed. At a very young age growing up in Hatfield he dreamed to work in motion pictures. Douglas moved to Los Angeles and became a filmmaker. Last year he released his first feature length film. As a Catholic … he dedicated his filmmaking to the Lord. Douglas’s debut film is about Christ in the Desert. Click on the link below to rent or to buy. The film is available in 15 languages.

Archbishop Perez in America Magazine

Archbishop Pérez was recently invited to submit an editorial for publication in America Magazine. The editorial, which focuses on hope in a time of national despair, was published yesterday online and will appear in print in the coming weeks.

In the article, Archbishop shares his Easter sentiments and explains how the resurrection of Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, “Is the wellspring of our eternal hope that the purity of God’s love flowing through us will overcome all things.”

You can read the full text here



Please be cautious of an e-mail that appears to be from Father Chung.

Unfortunately during this time of uncertainty there are still have people trying to take advantage of others, PLEASE BEWARE! Email Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details and money, often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication such as email. This morning we were the target of a Phishing scam. An email was sent out from someone pretending to be Fr. Chung at the e-mail address of This is a fake account and should be deleted immediately.
Important rule of thumb, when in doubt… ask someone! All parish e-mails would come from the domain of never gmail, yahoo, verizon… Please be mindful when receiving these types of emails and phone calls. Father Chung will never ask for anything from you via e-mail. Thanks for your understanding and bringing this scam to our attention.




For Immediate Release: March 13, 2020

Contact: Kenneth A. Gavin, Chief Communications Officer

215-587-3747 (office)

Over the last several weeks, the potential spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has dramatically impacted our lives and our communities. As the number of cases grow exponentially each day, government and health officials are diligently working to contain the virus.

During this pandemic, we are reminded that life is truly precious and that we all are one family under God. As Christians, we should respond to this pandemic great faith and prudence.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have developed guidelines to help slow the spread the coronavirus. We should incorporate their strategies into our daily lives in an effort to protect ourselves as well as others, especially those most vulnerable, including the elderly and individuals with compromised immune systems.

God is always by our side, he never abandons us. I invite you to join me in prayerful solidarity during this uncertain time. I remind you to keep your eyes fixed on the outstretched arms of Christ the crucified and Christ the merciful and to encounter others with charity and understanding.

Let us pray for the sick, suffering, and their caregivers as well as government and health officials. With God’s grace and blessing, we will navigate the difficult waters of this challenge as a united human family, for after all is said and done, we are people of Hope!
+Nelson J. Pérez

Archbishop of Philadelphia





During this difficult time, many of the faithful may be unable to attend Mass. To help them sanctify their day and to keep walking in the liturgical rhythm of the Church, we are honored to make our online version of MAGNIFICAT temporarily available to everyone for free.

Please help us spread this message and share this email and with as many people as you can. Free temporary access is also available in Spanish:



Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service (CBAR) has been established as a result of the ongoing commitment of the Catholic bishops of the United States to carrying out Vos Estis Lux Mundi.

 Contextual Background

 In May 2019, Pope Francis released his apostolic letter, Vos Estis Lux Mundi as a global means of addressing the issue of sexual abuse and the accountability of bishops in the Catholic Church. Vos Estis Lux Mundi places upon the metropolitan archbishops the responsibility for receiving and assessing reports involving bishops that pertain to allegations of sexual abuse and related misconduct.

In June 2019, one month after Pope Francis issued his directive, the bishops of the United States convened for their regular general assembly in Baltimore and approved the implementation plan for carrying out the directives of the Holy Father in our country.

Today’s Announcement

 Today, dioceses throughout the country are sharing the announcement that the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service (CBAR) has been launched.

CBAR is a service operated by Convercent, Inc., an independent, third-party entity that provides intake services to private institutions for reports of sensitive topics such as sexual harassment through a secure, confidential, and professional platform. Individuals may go to to file a report or call (800) 276-1562.

The Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting service allows for individuals to relay to Church authorities  any reports of  a U.S. Catholic bishop who has:

  • forced someone to perform or to submit to sexual acts through violence, threat, or abuse of authority;
  • performed sexual acts with a minor or a vulnerable person;
  • produced, exhibited, possessed, or distributed child pornography, or recruited or induced a minor or a vulnerable person to participate in pornographic exhibitions;
  • or, a diocesan or eparchial bishop, or a cleric overseeing a diocese/eparchy in the absence of a diocesan or eparchial bishop, who has intentionally interfered with a civil or church investigation into allegations of sexual abuse committed by another cleric or religious.

When a report is received, it will be forwarded to the local metropolitan archbishop who will undertake the responsibility of initially assessing the report. In the event that a report is received that concerns a metropolitan archbishop, it will be forwarded to the bishop of the senior suffragan diocese by the independent third-party reporting system. In the Province of Pennsylvania the senior suffragan diocese is the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez is the metropolitan archbishop of the Province of Philadelphia. That metropolitan province is comprised of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the Diocese of Allentown, the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, the Diocese of Erie, the Diocese of Greensburg, the Diocese of Harrisburg, the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and the Diocese of Scranton.

The Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service (CBAR) does not replace existing reporting systems for complaints against priests, deacons, religious or laity. CBAR was designed as a mechanism to respond to complaints against bishops for issues related to sexual misconduct. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia strongly encourages anyone making a complaint of alleged criminal activity to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency to make a report. Likewise, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, in keeping with policy, will report any alleged criminal activity to law enforcement.

Information on Resources to Support Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Reporting Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Archdiocesan Clergy, Employees, and Volunteers

For more than 15 years, the Archdiocese, along with the Church at large, has put in place a wide range of reforms to protect young people.  We have a zero-tolerance policy for clergy, lay employees, and volunteers who engage in abuse of children or misconduct with minors and take immediate action when an accusation is made.

Relevant information can be found at and

In addition to our efforts at abuse prevention, the Archdiocese also provides ongoing, significant support for survivors of abuse and their families. We encourage victims to come forward, and we will continue our extensive efforts to help victims of sexual abuse heal.

To report the sexual misconduct by anyone in diocesan ministry who is not a bishop, immediately contact your local law enforcement agency and/or the Archdiocesan Office of Investigations at 1-888-930-9010. Mandated reporters are required to call ChildLine, which is staffed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services at 1-800-932-0313.

To report a violation of The Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries, contact the Archdiocesan Office for Investigations at 1-888-930-9010.

If you need support or assistance, victim services and referrals are available through the Victim Assistance Office of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at 1-888-800-8780 or








St. Maria Goretti Parish, St. Stanislaus Parish and St. Rose of Lima Parish CYO
are joining together…Three into One!

Growing – Praying – Serving – Playing

Official Start Date: 7/1/19

color Merger launch flyer 4.18a

Merger FAQ – FINAL(revision)



BLOCS – Business Leaders Organized for Catholic Schools

Scholarship applications through Business Leaders Organized for Catholic Schools (BLOCS) for the 2019-2020 school year are now open. BLOCS, is an independent charitable organization supported by individuals, companies, firms, and foundations of all sizes in the five-county Philadelphia region. Since 1980, BLOCS has invested in the lives of tens of thousands of children throughout the Philadelphia area, including some of the poorest neighborhoods in the City.

BLOCS works within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania EITC & OSTC guidelines and uses an outside scholarship administrator to determine eligibility for scholarship grants. Over the past several years, funds for scholarship support have increased. Unfortunately so has the demand, which continues to significantly exceed supply. Here is a direct link to the FACTS application form, utilized by BLOCS,… for the 2019-2020 school year.  For questions about the application process, please contact FACTS at 866-441-4637.

For more information on BLOCS please visit

Scams and Fraud Awareness

Scams and fraud are unfortunately a very common occurrence in our society today.  Staying informed and educated on the various types of scams is the #1 way to protect you from being a victim.

Scams and fraud don’t just target Senior Citizens, but individuals through identity theft, small business owners, and community organizations such as Churches.  The threats can come many ways:  over the phone, through Social Media, email or online, or even a breakdown in security at your local supermarket.

Check the following websites for up to date information on the latest scams to keep you educated and to learn what to do if you have been a victim of a scam or fraud.

You can order a copy of a FREE Consumer Action Handbook

If you have any questions about this information, please contact Amy Juarez with the Eldercare Assistance Program at 215-721-0199 x225.


Catholic Relief Services is celebrating its 75th anniversary! Join in on the celebration by visiting the special CRS 75th Anniversary website, found at where you can learn more about CRS’s story and find ways to help the most vulnerable among us.